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So you're interested in Defense Business Transformation, great!

I've collected what I believe are some great resources on the subject and posted them for you below. There's no reason to hunt all over for these, right? Enjoy!

If you think something should be on the list, leave me a note and I'll take a look at it. I will continue to add to this list over time.

10USC2222 - I reference this statute a lot. This is one of the Core statutes that started the Defense Business Transformation efforts. It's published by Congress and contains descriptions of the Tools of Transformation.

10USC186 - This statute describes the membership and duties of the Defense Business System Management Committee (DBSMC). This is the governing body that sits at the top of the Defense Business Transformation chain of command. This is also the governing body that officially provides Obligation Authority (the authority to spend money) for the modernization, enhancement, or development of all Defense Business Systems in scope of 10USC2222.

Fiscal Wake-up Tour - This link will take you to the Government Accountability Office (GAO) Web site - the birthplace of the Fiscal Wake-up Tour. This tour was essentially the Head of the GAO touring the county trying to raise awareness about the financial situation in America. David Walker, the former head of the GAO is thought by many to be responsible for drawing so much high level attention to the need to Transform the government.

Fiscal Wake-up Tour Videos - This is a cool collection of videos - mostly by David Walker - showing him on tour and talking about what he saw as the Chief Comptroller and Head of the GAO. These videos are enlightening.

MHS Business Transformation - This was my Web site when I was the Director for Enterprise Transformation Planning for the Military Health System (MHS).  During these years, I had a great team of dedicated folks who "got it." We built this from scratch at a time when Business Transformation was still in its infancy. While it was being maintained, we reviewed more than $1B in investments & turned $200M away because they weren't "cooked." We also left a lot of work undone. I'm sharing this link with you to show what is possible within a DoD Component - success stories, resources, investment review guides, audio podcasts... have fun exploring. UPDATE: I removed the link to this site. It was taken down and replaced with a gray "under construction" notice. I can not claim ownership of whatever is eventually put in it's place.

Statement of Mr. Paul Brinkley, Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Business Transformation - This document is useful to see what was said to Congress relative to Business Transformation by Mr. Paul Brinkley. Mr. Brinkley founded the Business Transformation Agency with Mr. Tom Modley. He is considered one of the founding fathers for DoD Business Transformation and he speaks about many of the tools I mention in my Blog posts.

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